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-This wiki contains information about several chess series.+=== TT500 Virtual Chess Computer ===
-[[TT500|TT500 Overview]] ​ [[tt500:​betai_releasenotes|release notes]]+The TT500 is a versatile chess computer for use in virtual worlds.
 +Please read the [[tt500:​betai_releasenotes|release notes]].
 +How-to operate:
 +By clicking on the border the [[Dialog:​Main|Main Menu]] will show. This menu is context-sensitive depending you are currently playing on the board or not.
 +The TT500 supports player vs player and player vs computer games.
 +=== References for the TT500 ===
 +<nspages tt500 -textPages="​TT500"​ -textNS="​--">​
 +<nspages dialog -textPages="​Manual - Dialogs">​
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