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 +=== Scores explained ===
 +^ Name ^ SCORE ^ Recalc ELO:  ^ Mix ^ PvP ^ PvE ^
 +^ :::  ^ :::   ^ Performance:​ ^ Mix ^ PvP ^ PvE ^
 +The primary statistic is: Score. This is a running score and prone to changes. Your ELO-based score gets adjusted each match with a K value of 25. To compare: normally, players are adjusted with a K score of 20 over a full tournament. Hence, your score may fluctuate wildly.
 +Next to that there are some statistics:
 +ELO statistics - a `lifetime` re-analyses of your games played. It's separated in '​mixed'​ (PvE and PvP mixed, the same as Score is calculated) and PvP and PvE separated. All runs are made with initial values set to 1500.
 +ELO performance - a re-analyses of ratings based on mixed score. This is a running average, and should reflect your more recently played games. ​
 +==Numbers are numbers==
 +Ideally, all scores and calculations would be identical. Ideally, they would be comparable with official FIDE ELO ratings. In practice.. Numbers are just numbers. You may find them interesting or discard them entirely, just be careful not to put too much value on them, as those numbers are not collected under controlled circumstances.
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