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Start a skirmish AI match

Path to menu: Main Menu - Challenge - Computer

With skirmish we mean: a matched AI opponent based on your ELO score.

  • Yes - You accept to play a match against this suggested opponent. It will start immediately.
  • List more - will list a range of random computer opponents that are within your current ELO score.
  • Customize - Select a custom AI engine and level. You can select out of multiple AI engines with different styles, strengths and capabilities.

The name and ELO rating of the AI opponent is listed.

Difficulty currently maps to engine level, where 10% equals 1 level. So a difficulty of 52% would be an AI with level 5.2

The engine is automatically chosen based on level. For the level range 0-20, three distinct engines are used. This is to accommodate beginner, average and advanced players best.

You can not play skirmish AI opponents that are higher AI level than your current board supports.

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