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Dialog - Owner Menu

The owner menu is only accessible to the board's owner (…) and all managers.

Managers have identical privileges to owners, including adding other managers.

From here, you can configure settings and themes, add an avatar as manager, perform system commands like 'reset' and 'init', and when strict tournament mode is enabled, access the tournament menu to (mass) configure clock, decide outcome, pause clocks etc.

  • Theme - Theming will let you select other backgrounds and fonts, to change contrast and looks at will.
  • Settings - set sounds, performance affecting options (highlighting, last move), support text viewer for disabled, enable anonymous mode or disable the AI opponent.
  • System - holds some internal debug commands.
  • Init - Set the board ready for a new game, also visually (is: set up a fresh board)
  • Reset - normally you should not have to reset the board. You may have to do so on stuck games. Normally you would use Init if you want to display a fresh board, or just start a new game.

All menus affecting practice mode are currently hidden.

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