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You may want to read the Release Notes and the TT500 overview page.

The TT600 3D version (under development) is functionally compatible with the TT500. Menu documentation for the TT600 may reference TT500 topics.

From here, you can initiate a player vs player match, or play against the computer, modify the clock and access the owner menu. When a match is recently played, you can also print it's PGN output.

The owner may have disabled AI (computer) oppenents, or put the board to strict (tournament) mode. The menu is context-sensitive and displays only options available to you. Hence, owners, players and non-players may all see a different menu.

  • Challenge - initiate a match, either PvP or PvE. A list of nearby players will show up. Alternatively, you can play the computer.
  • Clock - anyone can adjust the clock unless the board is in strict mode
  • Owner Menu - only available to owners and managers. Allows changing settings.
  • PGN - print the latest played game.

The main menu is accessed by clicking the border of the game board, and (some versions) a specialized 'menu' button. All versions support clicking on the border - if it doesn't work, make sure you don't click on the text display or the clock.

When you are playing a game, the board may prompt a different menu. Players get a menu with offerings. Owner and Manager have power options to change settings or even cancel games.

Challenge - Clock - OwnerMenu

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