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Dialog - Customize AI

Path: Main Menu - Challenge - Computer - Customize

This menu allows you to select a custom engine and level. This will give you a more repeatable opponent for your training.

Those opponents do have an ELO rating, that is initially set to an educated guess.

At the moment, there are 4 different chess engines available. The performance of them varies pretty wildly, you cannot compare them based on level.

A list of engines, in increasing performance:

  • Tania - beginner engine
  • Jean - advanced beginner
  • Rick - all round engine
  • Angie - a beast not easily tamed

Angie is way stronger than all other 3 engines. Tania and Jean are somewhat comparable, making Rick a lot stronger than both of them.

You can edit the level at will.

When pressing start, you will get a confirmation dialog that also indicates current statistics of the selected engine, before the actual match starts.

For the actual engines used, all i can say at the moment is: the names are a hint, but some pretty far stretched.

All engines play 'standard' chess. However, some (fide, typical) rules are not enforced. The in-game board is responsible for rule validation.

Alternate engines are likely implemented in the future. At the moment there is a wide offering for all strengths of players.

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