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Dialog - Chess Clock

Path: Main Menu - Clock or: touch white or black clock

The chess clock is set by a combination of base playing time, and an incremental time per move, for each player.

You can only adjust the clock when no current game is in progress and started.

The clock is set in seconds. To set a game of 10 minutes with 2 second increments, translate it to the standard time `600+2`.

To do so, fill out two menu's - select '600' and then '600+2'.

Only after the incremental time is given, the new clock is set. Selecting only '600' and not confirming incremental time will not adjust the clock.

Alternatively, 'Infinite' time can be selected.

Clock settings only apply to PvP (Player vs Player) matches. When playing a ranked computer game the clock is automatically set.

When in practice mode, the clock will only run forward to indicate total time taken so far. Practice mode is currently not officially supported with the TT500, and a relic from the TT200 series.

In strict mode, only managers can adjust the clock.

The clock may be adjusted by the experimental 'elo clock adjustment' feature, if the owner enabled it. This will give the weaker player a limited time bonus.

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