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Dialog - Basic Configuration

Path: Main Menu - Owner Menu - Settings

  • Sound - enable/disable sounds system-wide.
  • EnableAI - When disabled, only PvP functionality is available.
  • HighlightTargets - when a piece is selected, displays all possible moves for that piece. Disable to reduce network overhead for low bandwidth players.
  • ShowLastMove - displays last opponents move. Disable to reduce script usage and network overhead. Less effective in blitz games. For any normal (5+ minute) game, recommended feature.
  • TextViewer - support for visually impaired. This will do 2 things: it prints all moves in local chat, and enables algebraic input (ex. a2a5) on public chat channel (active player only). It comes at the cost of parsing messages in local chat and requires a game reset to enable or disable.
  • Advanced - will show an alternate dialog with less-common settings.

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