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Dialog - Advanced Configuration

Path: Main Menu - Owner Menu - Settings - Advanced

  • MedievalPawn - Pawns can only move forward a single square. Available for PvP only. A gimmick to compensate the absence of Chess960 support.
  • MassConfig - Control all boards in current region owned by you by sending it identical commands as you send to this (`master`) board.
  • Tournament - Enables strict mode. In strict tournament mode, players cannot adjust the clock and are limited in offerings.
  • Anonymous - Enabling this will prevent the board from registering any matches at the website. Elo ratings will not be adjusted when playing anonymous mode.
  • EloCompensate - An experimental feature. The weaker player will be given a small time advantage. This is not expected to affect outcome (too) much, but will allow more fun play. Enabling ELO compensation would be a generosity of the stronger player.
  • Basic - Other configuration options

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